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Spray Programs

Leafy Spurge 

Our leafy spurge crew sprays from mid May to the end of August. They mainly use backpack sprayers for hard to access areas, and can be hired for a cost share rate. If you have leafy spurge and would like us to treat it please contact the District.

County Roads

The district has a crew to treat the county roads for all noxious and declared weeds. 

Small Acreage

 Our  small acreage program focuses on three main weeds in and around Gillette.The weeds are Whitetop, Dalmatian toadflax, and Spotted knappweed. 


 The district treats main waterways within a five mile radius around the city of Gillette with larvicide. Larvicide is also available for purchase at the district office.


Ventenata is a very aggressive winter annual grass with the ability to reduce grazing by 70%. The District is currently treating all mapped sites within the County. We will continue to map and treat new locations in hopes to eradicate it from our County. If you find any, or need help with identification, please let the District know.


The District has bran bait and insecticide available to landowners at a cost share. In years with large outbreaks, a landscape size aerial application may occur with participating landowners. 


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